02. Community Principles

Section 02 of the Climate Receiver Places Project

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Project Goal

The goal of the Climate Receiver Places Project is to create a guide of policy and practice for communities to follow, detailing strategies for equitable, climate-resilient urban growth in response to climate change migration. We will use the Climate Receiver Places Guide that we create to work with communities in climate-resilient geographies to promote and implement climate-resilient urbanism.

The Community Principles Guide

This document, the Community Principles Guide, is the second in a series of three documents and one assessment tool that make up the Climate Receiver Places Guide

In this document, we first define a set of goals for climate receiver places to strive for. These set the tone as ways of thinking and the lens through which the reader views the second part of this document, the principles.

In the principles section, we look at different areas of focus for places to consider when equitably strengthening their communities for the future. These go into more depth than do the goals, as the principles pinpoint more specific issues and practical concerns facing climate receiver places. These issues and concerns will be addressed directly by resources and solutions in the Climate Receiver Places Project’s database.

Lastly, this document concludes with one potential set of next steps for places to begin implementing the goals and principles of this guide. However, every place and circumstance is different, and an alternate series of next steps may work better for a particular community than the set presented here.

What’s Next?

Next, take a look at the Community Assessment Guide. The Community Assessment Guide is an interactive form of the Community Principles Guide, which we’ve converted into a community rating system.

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